My dreams are full of the same things.

Winding roads that lead from town to an old familiar spot in the woods.

Rivers or streams that cut into the earth alongside our path,

sometimes under because we are soaring.

Always, there is water and we don’t like to feel so small in the lakes or oceans where

we can’t even fathom a depth but we know SOMETHING is down there.

We don’t talk about the time that SOMETHING grabbed our ankle, pulled us slowly and silently down, down, down….

and we knew we were dying while the light shrank to darkness

but not even bubbles came out when we opened our mouths to scream.

The real terror was that everything was just so calm and quiet.

We seem to be always travelling for a reason that evades exact definition.

Urgency usually prevails and sometimes it’s not only urgent, but a panic.

It seems that always we are DOING, always trying.

Elevators are stuck,

or they are not and we’re up and down the levels

of a building that is a hotel with a pool, a school, a house for haunting or all three.

And we’ve always been there before, even if we haven’t.

Playgrounds of my home town

in my dreams, they are empty,

but still there,

in all the places they’re supposed to be

and hadn’t ever been.

And always, there is more than just me.

I am never alone.

There is always we.


9 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. kelvin s.m. says:

    …we are ne’er alone… how true is that… ha, a bit creepy if i may say… smiles…

  2. enjoyed your expression on dreams..so true that often our dreams are filled with business and terror..and moving on..always moving on..have had similar dreams, especially when stressed.

  3. Creepy! Won’t be swimming any time soon.

  4. Tony Maude says:

    So much to perhaps be afraid of in your dreams, but what a comfort (I hope) to never be alone in them.

  5. brian miller says:

    intriguing dream…the empty playgrounds are rather haunting to me…and the thing in the water…i blame Creepshow the movie…that black sludge…yike! intriguing how you fluidly move one terror to the next…

  6. Wondeful! Love “playgrounds of my hometown…..”

  7. MarinaSofia says:

    I like the way you capture that nonsensical logic and relentlessness of dreamscapes.

  8. Poet Laundry says:

    So cool the way you did this. I have dreams similar to these and now you’ve got me contemplating them! Enjoyed that secure and good feeling found in your close as well. Great write.

  9. Very cool how your captured that terror. love the shift from drowning to caught in an elevator… real palpable angst in your writing

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