Beginning of an End or Vice Versa

There really wasn’t ever a chance.

And when we ask why,

there is never really any answer.

There wasn’t any template to follow.

No procedure

or policy.

No administrative remedy.

No established protocol.

Nothing arrived in the form of a well thought out plan.

Everything just happened.

And the ramparts they fell

And they’re falling still.

Consequences are always there,

lying heavily on shoulders.

Heaped in dark corners.

Current and ancient at the same time.

Consequences are obscure shifts in the light,

only caught in the corners of some people’s eyes,

where they are trapped and draw bags

onto  faces of those who hold them so dear.

And some people say

the answer is to measure and weigh.

Carefully consider.

Mark the outcome.


and there,

and there,

and here.

Still the questions persist.

What does it mean when?

How does it change if?

Why do we not know?

When all the while,

there’s a consequence,

under a veil that can never be lifted.

But we insist

on having an end

before we’ve even started.


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