No More

In our dreams

an eagle screams.

And retribution comes.

It sweeps the land

with a generous hand.

In our dreams

an eagle screams

and shatters all the hate.

No more rape.

No more gangs.

No genocide,

No suicide.

No toxic spills

or toxic pills

no chemical rain

or self inflicted pain.

In our dreams

an eagle screams

and we dance to the same drum beat

Those who would eat

while others starve at their feet

would choke on the bones they suck dry.

Those who cause injury, misery, war

would fall into ashes and even the score.

The cries of the oppressed hushed to silence.

No more children lost to the obsession of violence.

No more men who can’t stand to look at each other.

No more stories that end with a heart broken mother.



I get what I want.

Do you?

Are you willing to do things you don’t want to do?

I know exactly what you want to hear.

My beautiful lips command your ear.

I weave a tale so sincere,

you’ll barely feel it when you fall.

I only go for quality, I never want it all.

You are only one of many.

To whom I say I haven’t any.

On my chest your little hearts hang.

With all your pieces rearranged.

That smile-

and that pair of eyes.

I’ll take that sense of humor,

but the other one’s thighs.

I get what I want.

I build it from scraps.

Do you have a little more to offer, perhaps?

Just give me some, no one can tell.

I’ll pin your heart to my curling lapel.

A trophy that I’ve known too well,

in line to shine-

until it doesn’t

and when it dulls it simply wasn’t.


This is my submission to OpenLinkNight Week 103.  Stop by and see what they’re up to at the dVerse~ Poets Pub.  A great site for all kinds of different poetry.