I will drink you like a fine wine
Like your blood has been poured through sands of time
My poison, divine.
Through greedy, stolen tips of my cup
I’ll spill you out and slurp you up.
My thirst for you cannot be slaked
My love for you is caged and opaque


11 thoughts on “Elixir

  1. lucychili says:


  2. Stan Ski says:

    It’ll end in tears… or a splitting headache… 🙂

  3. brian miller says:

    dang..wicked rhythm in this…and love is such a asweet addiction…the blood gives this intensity as well….edgy…nice….

  4. Tony says:

    This is pretty intense – and I love the way the identity of “you” remains hidden. There are so many possible interpretations of this poem.

  5. I specially like the last two lines ~ Intense emotions here ~

    Welcome to D’verse ~


    • Thank you Heaven! I love.. your Post-valentine note. I haven’t quite figured out how to use blog spot yet, but I did read your entry today and enjoyed it. ~
      “I love feverish words, climbing like ants, blind as bats.” – That’s my favorite line, such a great visual representation.

  6. claudia says:

    Like your blood has been poured through sands of time…intense emotions in this…sounds like a love/hate relationship…the things we fight and need.. and welcome at dVerse..great having you…smiles

    • Thank you for reading, Claudia! My hands aren’t often clean, but I try not to leave stains. I really enjoyed your submission today, especially the freedom in your form. Smiles to you too, you are perceptive… I was feeling very intense when I wrote this one, and yes, love/hate had something to do with it!

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