Lucky Enough

The  house needs to be cleaned

I don’t want to do it

I guess the best way

would be just to get to it


I’ll do it a bit at a time

In between I’ll come back

and write a few lines

I didn’t get off work

until late last night

Up at 6: 30 this morning

to fight the good fight

Kids off to school

Coffee is made

Back to work

this time for no pay

I move a bit slowly

my eyes feel bleary

I must admit

my soul’s a bit weary

In the middle of dishes, laundry, counters and floors

Here comes an angel

a beauty, age four

She holds up her cup

‘Momma, can I have some more? ‘

Her eyes are so clear

Her touch is so sweet

She is pure goodness

right down to her feet

And now I feel happy

for the work that I do

I may be exhausted

Yes, that is true

But it’s only because

I’m lucky enough to be able

to have a clean house

and put food on the table

I will not be ungrateful

I will not complain

I’ll do the work

in honor of

of those who cannot

Housework’s the least

of the battles I’ve fought


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