Bond Unbroken

Bond Unbroken

Everything was new, dangerously hot

under a burning North Carolina sun.

I’d arrived to the world

in a red Datsun 210.

Hips forward in a passion filled strut,

I had come for you, with nothing to offer

except for myself.

You took me, still take me.

My strut

turned into a trip down the aisle

and a long journey back to Montana.

Just you, me, and a cat that sat on your shoulder.

I remember we laid on the horn

when we drove into the valley.

A joyful homecoming

ringing off the walls of the Orange St. underpass.

Our brazen lust grown to a tender connection

fostered by your sweet hands on my brow,

holding me

while I lay prone to the forces of nature,

laboring to bring the loveliness of my swollen belly

into our little world.

Time passes and our children grow,

beautiful truth of our souls.

Our tender connection bonded forever

by the fall of their footsteps,

the call of their voices,

their innocent need

of you and me to be us.

Still, life is real, work is hard,

and days grow long without seeing you.

A grind in anticipation

while I yearn for you,

waiting to duck into the hollows of your neck,

feel the strength of your shoulder

against my chest

as I curve

to the smooth muscles of your back

close my eyes and get lost

in our bond unbroken




This is my submission to OpenLinkNight Week 105.  Stop by and see what they’re up to at the dVerse~ Poets Pub.  A great site for all kinds of different poetry.


13 thoughts on “Bond Unbroken

  1. Congratulations to you and your hubby ~ Love the journey, the tender connection and the love that remains strong as ever ~ Thank you for the personal share ~

  2. Beth Winter says:

    Vivid details and such warmth infused throughout. A pleasure to read.

  3. Laurie Kolp says:

    A beautiful love story… and through the tough years of dealing with a family, it still stays strong. Congratulations!!

  4. I love all the details, like the Datsun 210 and the cat on the shoulder. They make it your story in the poem, not just anyone’s. What I imagine about the other is that work has necessitated some time away. Not sure how I got that, but that’s what I thought.

  5. brian miller says:

    oo la….really like the close…def catch the yearning throughout and you build in nicely…nice intimacy there toward the end to look forward to as well…cool bit of memory too..a cat on the shoulder eh? smiles.

  6. Mary says:

    I like your poem very much, but I am wondering…where did the other go? Divorce? Death? Or? I feel the strength of the bond, the connection, the missig. But I wonder….why?

    • Thank you for reading, Mary. Thankfully, the other and I will be celebrating 17 years together on this coming Saturday. 🙂 When our children were younger, we worked opposite schedules in order to keep them at home and not pay day care costs. It was hard. I am so glad that my writing made you feel what it did, thank you for saying so.

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